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Corporate Contribution

Arizona has become the nation's leader in school choice opportunities!

Arizona's Corporate Tax Credit (SB 1499 and SB1404) allows corporations to direct a contribution to a qualified school tuition organization (STO) and, at the same time, receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona state tax liability. There is no maximum amount that a corporation can contribute, but the program is capped at a determined amount annually.

The Corporate Tax Credit requires the School Tuition Organization (STO) to use 90% of the corporate contributions to provide educational tuition scholarships to low income families, whose student must be switching from a public school to a private school, or entering into a Kindergarten program.

As a business leader and involved citizen in Arizona, we urge you to become part of the school choice movement in Arizona by redirecting your state tax liability.

Arizona's Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO) is a qualified School Tuition Organization.

Help provide a quality education to a child that wants that choice.

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