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Salpointe Catholic high school... helping students succeed with the help of CTSO


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Salpointe Catholic High School... helping students succeed with the help of CTSO

To Whom It May Concern:

CTSO has not only helped my child since 6th grade, but has kept opportunities alive for our entire family. Raising our family, we have always had the attitude that we can financially pay for anything as long as we budget. We also believe that since our older children had such a good experience in the public school system that Mary, our youngest, would thrive also. However, two incidents changed our minds while our children were students in TUSD, and we knew that as a family we had to make a change.

We removed all three children from TUSD and knew Mary needed to be placed within an educational structure more connected to her learning style, and Catholic school became a perfect fit for her and continues to challenge and stimulate her. We were happy until we realized that financially, supporting her education (while knowing her older siblings would need money for college and a two year internship in the near future) would be impossible, no matter what financial sacrifices we made. Without the financial support of CTSO, the opportunities for all three of our children may not have been realized.

Thanks for the opportunity to express our gratitude.